Type: Free To Play
Developer: Wizet
Publisher: Nexon, GameMania, AsiaSoft, AsiaSoft

OSWindows 98/MEWindows 2000/XP
CPUPentium3 1GHz Pentium4 1.8GHz
Video Card3D accelerator3D accelerator

At Maple World, hunting and engaging in battles are not the only options you'll have. You can explore a totally new and unknown world you have never been to, put on beautiful clothes and gorgeous accessories, and even attract other users in the process. You may begin the journey to explore the world of unknown alone, but you may come out on the other end with numerous new friends through hunting and chatting. If you're tired of hunting and competition, how about playing minigames with a friend for a change?

You'll become a brave adventurer protecting the Maple World, and if you're exhausted from all the intense battles and competition, you may one day build your own house at a quiet rural village, enjoying the life of a recluse who welcomes visitors.

At Maple Island, you will learn from the NPC's simple hunting skills and basic control of the game to help you ease into the game. Then, you'll board the ship that heads to Victoria Island, and that's where your journey REALLY begins.

From Lith Harbor that welcomes you from a long journey from Maple Island, you'll run into such fascinating towns as Henesys - the village of bowmen with comfy mushroom-shaped houses gathered together; Ellinia - the village of magicians with mysterious spells embedded between tall trees; Perion - the village of warriors with the fighting spirit typical of the Indians living in highlands; and Kerning City - the village of thieves that reminds you of the back alleys of dark cities.

You'll be playing the game at Victoria Island where all these diverse and unique towns and fields coexist.

Here, you are going to be just a regular gamer hunting down monsters and protecting yourself in the process. You'll be given 4 paths to choose from, 4 that will define your life in MapleStory: Warrior, Bowman, Thief, and Magician. Through leveling up and meeting some requirements, you'll be able to make job advancements and nurture your character in your own, unique way.

MapleStory is a revolutionary MMORPG that display cute, crisp graphics. One of the world's first side-scrolling 2D online game, MapleStory offers cute, adorable graphics, a huge variety of items, and cool-looking avatars to leave its mark on the online game industry. Among the familiar characters, the wide range of freedom, and interesting factors that allow you to enjoy the game from various angles, you will also find out that what you thought of as just an online game is merely just a portion of a plateful of fun MapleStory can provide. In addition to all the factors that the existing online games have, throw in the unusual minigames, various events, and a variety of backgrounds that transcend time, and before you know it, you will find yourself glued to MapleStory.

Simple Control
MapleStory is an online game that uses a side-scroll format, which is entirely different from the 3-D or quarter-view formats that are prevalent in most games. It allows you to jump or climb ladders, emphasizes arcade-like dynamic to the game play, and doesn't have confusing perspective transitions so it's easily approachable for anyone to play.

Combinations of interesting items
From clothes and hair styles to earrings and shoes, most of the wearable items in the game are shown on the screen as worn by the characters. It goes beyond merely distinguishing the items from those of others with vague colors and forms, and allows you to visually enjoy the items themselves.

Creative Ideas
In MapleStory, unique and bizarre items appear alongside the usual items that are available in most common games. Unexpected items appear as weapons and clothes to give you the kind of fun simply unavailable in other games.

Adding humor to the game
The characters featured in the game display humongous heads and feature a ton of hilarious facial expressions to draw a smile to your face. Cute, charming monsters, various events, and minigames within the game are all available for you to enjoy.

Distinctive graphics
The towns are featured in their own, very distinctive ways, which allows the users to fully appreciate the different dynamics each town has to offer. Small details such as the scrolling background that follows the character's movement only adds to the beauty of the game in itself. As for the attacking skills, the higher the level of skills, the flashier, the skills get, making each attack a dynamic, eye-pleasing experience.

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